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Trey Branham


I earned my law degree in 1999. After a stint in a white shoe law firm, I knew I wanted to represent people with real, life altering problems. My greatest regret is that I usually cannot solve my clients’ problems. I can only try to extract some small measure of justice on their behalf. The majority of my clients just want to make sure that what happened to them never happens to anyone else in the future. They do not want vengeance; they want to ensure that their voice is heard.

Background & motivation

I am the first Branham to graduate college. I am the stepson of the greatest man I have ever known who taught me the meaning of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and to live without regret. My family and my adopted family appreciated and instilled in me the ideals of hard work, sacrifice and commitment. My mother raised three kids as a single mother and she taught me what a work ethic was. When I was sick, I would sleep under her desk at work because the job had to get done. My family was fortunate that she had an employer who cared about making sure that her family was taken care of and did things the right way. Not all of my clients are so fortunate. Far too often I see employers who favor only profits at the expense of their people and companies who are more interested in the profits generated by their products than ensuring the products are, or were, safe to use.


Giving my clients a voice and ensuring that their peers hear that voice is what gives meaning to my legal career. Ensuring a better world for my son drives me each day. I am grateful each time clients offer me the opportunity to represent them.


J.D., University of South Carolina School of Law, cum laude, 1999
Associate Articles Editor, South Carolina Law Review

B.S., Florida State University, Political Science, 1992


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