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Safety Information

We have learned that there are all sorts of businesses out there. Many work hard to do the right thing. They care about their employees and their families. Others do not. They ignore safety issues and put their profits over the people who use their products and build their companies. It is our hope that the information we have come across over the years is helpful.


Workplace Safety Resources

Most people ask little from their jobs: fair pay for good work and a safe place to work. The Department of Labor offers some background information on the rights you have to ensure you are paid for the work that you have done.


The number one threat to safety in the workplace relating to cancer causing toxins is from exposure to asbestos. The World Health Organization estimates one of every three occupational deaths is caused by cancer from exposure to asbestos. Since asbestos has caused so much death and suffering, there is a wealth of information about the health effects and dangers of asbestos from many sources including:



Toxic and Environmental Safety Resources

There are a variety of different chemicals and toxins that can be introduced into our homes or workplace. The EPA has information on environmental hazards that can threaten your health so you can be informed on how to keep yourself and your family safe.
There is a focus on toxic exposures because often toxins can be in the air breathed and cause severe, lasting damages without people even knowing they are in harms way.


Asbestos exposure has resulted in more harm to the lives of Americans than any other toxin. It is estimated that over 100,000 people around the world lose their lives to asbestos disease every year. Because asbestos has caused so much death and suffering there is a wealth of information about the health effects and dangers of asbestos from many sources including:



Drug and Medical Safety Information


Sometimes the products, treatments, and medicine we need to improve our lives end up destroying our health. People use over-the-counter and prescription drugs trusting those who make the medicine to be reasonable when handling the lives and health of others. Please click on the link for the FDA for a list of products currently under active recall.


Product Safety

Companies that market and sell products have a legal and ethical obligation to make reasonably safe products and inform the people that use the products of hidden dangers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission publishes a list of consumer products that are currently being recalled.


Road Safety

Many lives are lost on our roadways each year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides information on driver safety to make the roads safer for us all.