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Sabrina Stone


Background & motivation

I am a lifelong Texan. Born and raised in Houston, I possess a strong tie to the community. I graduated cum laude with my bachelor's degree in Sociology from Baylor University. I also earned my law degree from South Texas College of Law, graduating magna cum laude. At South Texas College of Law, I received numerous accolades, including First Place at the 19th Annual National Health Law Moot Court Competition and the 2010 American Society of Writers on Legal Subjects Scribes National Brief-Writing Award, in the nationally recognized Advocacy Program and served as an assistant editor for the South Texas Law Review.


Prior to joining DOB, I worked in the litigation section of a law firm where she successfully represented defendants in a variety of complex civil litigation matters. Today, I utilize the same skills in order to successfully and zealously represent the plaintiffs—those who have been injured by the conduct and negligence of others.


Since 2012, I have focused my practice on the representation of the victims of mesothelioma. I have taken countless depositions involving adverse expert witnesses and corporate representatives. I am a zealous advocate for my clients and feel it is necessary to hold companies responsible for the damages caused by their poisoning of innocent people with asbestos containing products.


I am licensed to practice law in Texas and Missouri.


South Texas College of Law

Doctor of Jurisprudence, December 2010 Magna Cum Laude


Baylor University

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, 2007 Cum Laude