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Shareholder Liability & Consumer Class Action

Shareholder Liability
When companies (and their officers and directors) fail to act in the best interest of the company, shareholders or partners, the affected investors have rights and remedies. We assist investors of all sizes in holding companies, officers and executives responsible for damages caused by mismanagement and breaches of fiduciary duties. We handle cases across a wide spectrum of shareholder claims, director and officer liability, trustee/beneficiary relationships, joint-venture matters, partnership disputes, and minority shareholder oppression claims.


Consumer Class Actions
When companies promote their products and design their labels they often do so with an eye towards maximizing the positives and minimizing the negatives of their products. Sometime they cross the line and make false and misleading claims about their products including health benefits, calories, or other characteristics. This often results in consumers being misled into purchasing a product that cannot do what it claims. This behavior violates many state laws and we are prepared to step in and make sure that companies are being honest in their advertising and secure financial compensation when they are not.

Will it cost me anything to get involved in a case?

No. If you decide to file a lawsuit it should not cost you anything. One of the basic ways our legal system permits people to have a lawyer is to be represented on a contingency fee basis. Most people cannot afford to pay a lawyer an hourly fee. This is particularly true when a case requires a lot of time on behalf of the lawyer. A contingency fee basis means that the lawyer is paid based on a percentage of the amount of financial compensation that is recovered on a client’s behalf. If there is no financial recovery for you, we don’t earn a fee. Part of that means your lawyer will advance all expenses of your case. These expenses are repayable to the lawyer only if the lawyer is successful.