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Catastrophic Injury

Learning that your loved one has been killed or grievously injured it is a life-altering event. When you are a survivor or a new caregiver, keeping your family together, taking care of the finances, and dealing with the catastrophic changes to your life can be an enormous burden. In working with families of those grievously injured through no fault of their own, we have developed a record of helping families financially cope with their circumstances and we strive to ensure that others take greater care in the future.


Whether the injury or death resulted from car wrecks, truck wrecks, oil and gas explosions, gas pipeline explosions, or the negligent acts of someone on a property, we are ready to help.

Is a lawsuit the right answer?

In our view, a lawsuit should be a last resort and should only be pursued if someone acted in a way that is dangerous and caused serious harm. We will work with you to determine if you have a claim.

What is expected if we get involved in a lawsuit?

It depends on your health and how involved you want to be. Usually we will want to talk to the person who is injured. The better we know you the better we can represent you. In death cases, getting to know the survivors and piecing together what happened is the first, critical step.

We would do most of the work- things like investigating the companies’ documents, reviewing medical records, interviewing the decision makers in the companies, reporting to the judge and talking to medical and health professionals about your injuries or your loved one’s cause of death.

Some people like to be very involved with what is going on. Others do not. This is up to you. There are only a few things where we would require your help, things like authorizations for medical records. There are a few other things where you are
not usually required to help but your help can make a big difference in handling the case such as in helping us find co-workers or answering questions from the lawyers of the companies.

Will it cost me anything to get involved in a case?

No. If you decide to file a lawsuit it should not cost you or your family anything. One of the basic ways our legal system permits people to have a lawyer is to be represented on a contingency fee basis. Most people can’t afford to pay a lawyer an hourly fee. This is particularly true when a case requires much of a lawyer’s time. A contingency fee basis means that the lawyer is paid based on a percentage of the amount of financial compensation that is recovered on a client’s behalf. If there is no financial recovery for you, we don’t earn a fee. Part of that means your lawyer will advance all expenses of your case. These expenses are repayable to the lawyer only if the lawyer is successful.

Do you know how much money I can expect for my loved ones if we file a suit?

It really depends.


The insurance companies hired by the companies who injured you or took the life of a loved one often look at these factors:


• the age when the injury or death occurred

• the amount of medical bills

• the relevant laws

• the judge you are assigned to

• if they have some technicality they can try to use to escape responsibility

• how badly the company acted

• when you will get a trial date to argue your case to a jury